“It’s not given, It’s earned.”

Conquer Program


Are you sick of doing the same routine and getting no results? Do you want to achieve new heights? Get more educated? Break outside your comfort zone? Conquer will take you there.

Conquer is an overall training program focused on Strength, Power, HIIT & Met Con training.  

The class is for anyone who is serious about improving their body composition as well as improving their physical fitness and developing the conquer mentality. We have classes designed for ALL levels. Broken up into beginners, intermediates and advanced.


  • Conquer HIIT
  • Conquer Met Con
  • Conquer Spin
  • Conquer S&C
  • Conquer Mystery

Timetable, Prices & Location

All information regarding the class timetable, prices, location and trainers are available on our app. Please take 30 seconds to download it below.

Want to see what Conquer is really all about?

Come try a class absolutely free. Download our app, register your details and book in for a FREE class using the Promo Code: ‘ConquerFree’.

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